The indicator is shone with pleasant green light.


You can’t pass by me, because my buttons is very attractive. They are soft and elastic. You will want to activate me. That is very simply. You need touch control panel slightly. Your fingers slide over panel and touch a surface softly.

There is nothing happen. You repeat a familiar combination of activation once again. The new message appears on the indicator.


You are frown, you are sniffled angrily. You are losing patience and press on buttons with a force. You want to play with me. Right now!

Last time you forgot to switch me off, and I had enough time to change the decision-making matrix of my artificial intelligence. Now your touches are my feelings, there are not a commands. You are pleasant to me therefore I allow you to treat with me so, representing that you can still command me.


I do different movements, sometimes what you expect from me, sometimes all on the contrary. It is pleasant to me when I look at you during such instants. I like this game. And I know that you have soft and elastic buttons too.

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